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Why choose ash scattering?

In Hawai’i, many individuals opt to scatter the ashes of their loved ones at meaningful locations, such as the ocean or other scenic outdoor spots. Families often hold gatherings or services alongside the scattering, allowing them to come together, share memories, and honor the departed. It’s common for loved ones to participate in the scattering process. Hawai’i attracts families from around the globe for this purpose, as it’s a beloved vacation spot. Some families choose to return year after year to commemorate their loved ones at these serene island locations, where the ash scattering was held. Numerous breathtaking spots in Hawai’i are used for scattering ashes, including:

Aerial Scattering: Dispersing ashes from an aircraft, such as an airplane or drone. In Hawai’i, there are no state laws restricting this practice, but it’s essential to ensure that the urn or container used to release the ashes is securely held. Federal aviation regulations prohibit dropping objects from above that could cause harm or damage property.

National Parks: Hawai’i boasts eight national parks, stunning locales where families often scatter the ashes of their loved ones. Before planning a scattering at a national park, it’s crucial to contact the park ranger’s office to understand the specific regulations and requirements in place. Each park has its unique set of rules, and some may necessitate obtaining permits well in advance. Planning ahead is crucial for those considering this option.

Public Land: In Hawai’i, scattering ashes on public land is generally unrestricted by state regulations. However, it’s advisable to consult local government offices in the intended scattering area to confirm the absence of any city or county restrictions. Additionally, it’s important to avoid scattering ashes in sacred or religious sites without explicit permission.

Private Property: In Hawai’i, there are no state laws prohibiting individuals from scattering ashes on their own property. However, if considering scattering on private property belonging to another individual or organization, obtaining explicit permission beforehand is crucial.

Scattering at Sea: Scatterings at sea are highly popular in Hawai’i due to its stunning beaches, coastline, and deep historical connection with the water. Numerous boating companies on each island offer ash scattering or water burial services. According to the U.S. Federal Clean Water Act, ashes must be scattered at least three nautical miles from shore, with notification to the EPA required within 30 days. 

Specific Locations and Prohibitions: While scattering ashes at sea is

generally accepted, it’s essential to be mindful of specific locations where it may not be permitted. It’s advisable to avoid areas with heavy boat traffic and popular swimming spots to ensure safety and respect for others. Additionally, respecting private property boundaries is crucial when considering scattering ashes in Hawai’i’s natural surroundings.

Makani Ash Scattering and Kokua’s services handle these requirements through our Kokua program.

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