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The sense of ‘I and It’

If Gemini could talk, what would it say? “I believe I am as young as I feel. Inside of me, there is a kid that never wants to grow up. I’m divided in two. Sometimes, I cannot make a choice. I’m just like you and in the same moment, I’m just the opposite. I’m bored with sameness.“I’m an eternal student. I always want more information. I look at things close-up and report about them from every angle. I often call the shots too soon because I want everything to happen fast. I can talk my way out of anything and I can talk others into almost anything. I’m youthful innocence and worldly wit, undying curiosity and detached observation. I’m a study in contradiction and I won’t have it any other way.”

Color: Orange

Motto: “Get the Facts”

Object: A newspaper

Activity: Talking on the telephone

Style: Curious, flexible, and logical

Ancient symbol: The Twins

Mode/Element: Mutable Air (Flexible mentality)

Anatomical part: The Lungs, the Shoulders, the Arms and the Hands (Two of everything)

Famous Personalities: Walt Whitman, Peter Pan, John F. Kennedy, Christine Jorgenson and Marilyn Monroe

Places in the World: London, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and


The mythological legend of the twin brothers Castor and Pollax clearly conveys the true essence of Gemini consciousness. Castor was entrenched in the earth, wheeling and dealing in the marketplace while Pollax, his heavenly brother, was soaring in the sky.

Gemini’s mission is to bridge the gap between the abstract mind of our high self and the concrete mind of our three-dimensional one.

In the world of duality we all inhabit here on earth, our ego-mind is the trickster, perceiving reality as if it were disconnected from the rest of life. This is a great misinterpretation of the truth, yet the illusion of separation is so compelling that almost every person on earth has been hoodwinked into believing in this false impression. The true reality is hidden and hard to get hold of while the deception seems solid. When we cannot grasp information, then we are not able to use it and it becomes difficult to sustain a belief that it is real.

The previous sign, Taurus, has already created the concept of value. Now Gemini, the progenitor of the ego-mind, creates the value judgment in which the ego views some occurrences to be good or right while others are bad or wrong. Gemini represents the split that takes place when the ego-mind replaces the divine essence as the voice of authoritative reason in determining truth.

Gemini, in and of itself, is perhaps the least emotional sign in the zodiac. This sign deals with the everyday, as if it were doing a crossword puzzle. It wants to come up with all the answers and move on as soon as it thinks it has them. Knowing, or believing it knows, is enough to satisfy Gemini, at least for a while, although it is always ready and willing to rethink and repackage ideas. In fact, that is what Gemini loves to do.

Gemini at its best demonstrates what a brilliant instrument the mind can be if one remains approachable, flexible and willing to be exposed to the latest developments. It is the mind’s ability to crystallize information in manifold ways that ultimately adds up to intelligence. Gemini people, in their eagerness to create new ways of perceiving the world, respect the power and the agility of the mind, just as they admire those who use this power intelligently. Nothing impresses a Gemini more than someone who is swift and alert in their thinking and articulate in their speech. To Gemini, language is solid and sufficient in describing their experience because they tend to take the world at face value. One has to travel to the other side of the zodiac, Gemini’s complementary opposite sign Sagittarius, to look into the deeper meaning behind the words. Gemini people choose to glide along on the surface of life, wishing to remain lighthearted rather than risking the loss of innocence. Gemini is the ‘puer eternus’, longing to hold the maturation process at bay and clinging instead to a youthfulness it hopes will never pass.

Processing information faster than most, Gemini’s susceptibility to boredom and apathy is the thorn in its side. The quintessential multi-tasker, Gemini must have variety for its energy operates in spurts. A peripatetic lifestyle suits Geminis best as their nervous system is highly geared and they cannot stay still for long. They are versatile creatures who can do many things well, however, often find it challenging to specialize in one area and do one thing as well as anyone. They can though if they make a concerted effort because they have Mega mind-power. It is wonderful to have Gemini people with us on the planet. Their sharp wits stimulate a populace that has been burned out on a steady diet of the same old story. Gemini wants to rewrite that story and make it livelier, more interesting and more fun.

In the courts of the Middle-Ages, the only one who was able to tell the king the truth was the court jester because he conveyed it with humor. Gemini is a truth teller, yet clever enough to know that the truth has to be balanced with a ‘So what’ attitude and a light touch suggesting that life is a game and in the greater scheme of things it does not matter as much as we think it does. What matters to Gemini is waking up each morning and learning something new that adds still another dimension to life and keeps things flowing. The previous sign, Taurus, renowned for its stubbornness, turns to Gemini and says, open up another window. We all need a breath of fresh air and a different perspective–and that is just what Gemini provides.

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