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The sense of ‘We’

If Sagittarius could talk, what it would say? “I have a vision. It’s an impossible dream. Others tell me to stop overreaching, but I never listen. Sometimes I talk a blue streak about what I’m going to do instead of just going out and doing it. Still, I’m advancing. I set high standards for myself. I’m a shooting star, an explorer, and a long distance traveler searching for the truth. I want to know the reason for everything. I observe life from a distance and this gives me a bird’s-eye view. I’m reaching for the next frontier and the thrill of a new adventure sends me off in a flash. I’m deft at ducking interference. I keep moving ahead toward the unknown. I do not want others always telling me the way it is–I want to discover things on my own. I doubt you when you give me an easy answer to a complex question. I know there’s a lot more to life than what many people are willing to see. I refuse to settle for routine explanations or a routine existence. I am lighting the way for the world to embrace the understanding that we are born to live free and, at the same time, we are all in this together.”

Color: Blue

Motto: “Find the Truth”

Object: A telescope

Activity: Shining a light into the darkness

Style: Aspiring, intuitive, and wise

Ancient symbol: The Centaur with Bow and Arrow

Mode/Element: Mutable Fire (Flexible creativity)

Anatomical part: The hips and the liver (The power to advance forward and the ability to deal with excess)

Famous Personalities: Walt Disney, Beethoven, Maria Callas, Frank Sinatra and Swami Satchidananda

Places in the World: Australia,Spain, the United Arab Emirates, and Finland

Sagittarius is considered to be the sign of luck. Sagittarians seem to be especially fortunate because they are the most open to new opportunities. Once an experience has run its course and there is nothing but reruns to look forward to, they are all for moving on. They seldom look back: instead, they look into the future. It is said that every member of the Sagittarian club (and those whose chart emphasizes Sagittarius’ natural house, the ninth house), has the potential gift of prophecy.

 Sagittarians think in terms of possibilities and of what should be. The Sagittarian mind rambles as it leans toward the abstract: its perspective is vertical rather than horizontal, its vision is telescopic and its intuitive sixth sense can be amazing. It is the truth seeker, always on the verge of discovery of something that can elevate its consciousness and increase its understanding. Sagittarians are interested in uplifting the world around them and discovering a better place then they have ever known before. Their lofty aspirations may never materialize, which is why the universe created the next sign, Capricorn, who can be much more reliable when it comes to delivering the goods.

Even when they miss their mark though, Sagittarians keep searching just like their ancient symbol, the centaur, who was half beast and half human and who spent his time shooting arrows into the great unknown. These are the explorers of life who are restless when settled in the here and now and who come fully alive when moving on to bigger and better things. They want to rise above their animal nature and ascend to a higher plane of existence. Many metaphysicians believe that Planet Earth exists for this very purpose.

The Sagittarian propensity to extrapolate and extend the present as far as the eye can see and the mind can roam makes these individuals persuasive in selling new ideas. Their wholehearted enthusiasm, their jovial optimism and their happy-go-lucky attitude convinces potential buyers that Sagittarius is on to something.

Due to their impatience with routine and their desire to go far and wide to learn about the world first hand, Sagittarians are the long distance travelers of the zodiac. They generally have no resistance to entering unfamiliar territory and adapting to different ways of living. To Sagittarius, this is what enables a person to grow and become more than they were before and it is also what endows someone with wisdom.

Sagittarians adapt well to different cultures. They do not expect a foreign land to be just like home, nor would they want it to be. They usually like the experience of exotic locales and strange customs. What happens on the ground scarcely bothers them because their heads are primarily in the clouds. The same approach operates when they are on more familiar territory–if a situation becomes murky; they rise above it. They are the counterforce to Scorpio, who can get stuck endlessly probing into the motives of others. Sagittarians already know, or at least think they know, what motivates other people. While they can be intolerant of people whom they befriend and who, in their opinion, later resort to shabby standards of conduct, they are open-minded in their attitude toward strangers. Live and let live is their philosophy– when in Rome, they do as the Romans do.

These are the people who love and demand their freedom, and while they can be welcoming and gregarious, they refuse to be tied down. They, in turn, grant that freedom to others. No wonder people love this sign. They are positive, generous, high-minded people and a lot of fun to be around. They lay their truth on the line in a forthright manner, yet they mean no harm when they call it as they see it.

Sagittarians generally enjoy sports and the great outdoors but mainly they want to keep in motion. Confinement of any kind is an agonizing thought, so they keep busting loose from anything or anyone that tries to contain them. When they tie the knot with a partner, somewhere in the back of their mind, it is the other person that is married.

Arrogance is a quality they may have to battle in themselves. They are not the most committed of folks, but they are committed to being right. They might recall the opening scene in the musical film “Carousel”, where the star keeper in heaven summons this man named Billy Bigelow into his office and offers him a chance to return to earth for one day and redeem his life. When Billy expresses his feeling of unworthiness (because he died while falling on his knife during a robbery he attempted), the star keeper assures him by saying, “How do you know how we look at things from up here?

”Sagittarians do look at things from far away; still, it is not far enough for them to know what ought to be in this universe. They may need to keep reminding themselves that they are as down to earth as the rest of us and that, while we are here in the physical world, the universe we live in is too vast to be conceivable in human terms and far too complex for us to completely comprehend .

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