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The sense of 'Our'

If Scorpio could talk, what would it say? "I’m a strong character. I know how to keep cool in the line of fire. Actually, I thrive on crisis and emergency situations. I want intensity in my life. Then again, at other times, I want absolute calm. I just do not want anything in between.I’m not just anybody. You may fool others, but you’re not fooling me. I penetrate to the core. I don’t betray my feelings, I probe into yours. If I love you, I’m a soft touch. I give permission. If you threaten my security, I’ll call your bluff. I go through extreme transformations throughout my life. I seldom explain what’s going on with me. I hesitate to reveal my plans until I’m sure I have the edge. I am an expert at dealing with relationship because I give the ones that are important to me my complete attention. My allegiance to those I trust and care about is without peer."

Color: Burgundy

Motto: Get Into It

Object: A microscope

Activity: A magic act suggesting hidden power

Style: Passionate, investigative, and deep

Ancient symbols: The Scorpion, the Serpent, the Eagle, the Phoenix, and the Dove

Mode/Element: Fixed Water (Steady emotionality)

Anatomical part: The reproductive system, the seminal fluid,

and the body’s waste (The most valued and the most despised)

Famous Personalities: (real and fictional) James Bond, Bill Gates,

Pablo Picasso, Sherlock Holmes, and Hillary Clinton

Places in the World: Norway, Brazil, Washington DC, and Bali

No sign of the zodiac inspires such awe and breeds such fear as Scorpio. What is it about this sign that causes people to react as they do? Perhaps it is Scorpio’s penchant for going to extremes.

When Scorpio likes something, it adores it. When it dislikes something, it abhors it. The more evolved types, however, grow to realize that their intense likes and dislikes do not matter to anyone but themselves. Thus, they are wise when they keep their personal opinions quiet, becoming as shrewd as a serpent and as harmless as a dove. The more Scorpio remains silent about their strong feelings, the better off they are and the better off we all are.

To understand Scorpio, it helps to take a look at Pluto, the planet said to be this sign’s ruler.

The planet that rules a sign is the one that has the greatest affinity with that sign. As one astrologer put it, the planet likes to be there. Since Scorpio is about power, the transformational kind, then Pluto must be about transformation as well.

Indeed Pluto is. How interesting that a group of astronomers disqualified Pluto as a member of the planetary family. The selected group of scientists decided that the planet furthest from the Sun was too small to stand alongside the other planets and occupy the same category. An enormous backlash resulted that only made Pluto loom larger in the mind of the masses. Those astronomers underestimated how much people value the planet at the end of the line. Yes, Pluto is a comparatively small body in space; however its astral reality is far greater than its physical size.

In mythology, Pluto was the god of the underworld. Pluto’s realm is where the souls of the dead are tentatively laid to rest after Charon (also the name of one of Pluto’s three known Moons) rows them across the River Styx. Pluto’s mythological name is Hades, a word meaning hidden wealth. It is not the coin of the realm that Pluto is hiding, however, because who needs money after they are dead.

Pluto holds the mystery of life and death in his hot little hands.

More than any other sign, Scorpio has special access to this knowledge only it keeps things under wraps and shares its secrets only with the greatest discretion. Nevertheless, Pluto does not object to revealing part of his mystery because many of us already know that death and immortality are one and the same.

 Pluto is a symbol for the magician who has discovered the secret of living forever. This does not mean his current body is permanent but that he can create another body, as soon as he figures out what he wants to do next. Of course, the individual life that reincarnates is not going to be the same as the personality that just died. Nonetheless, as the separate ego disintegrates, Pluto lives on.

 At the bottom of every soul, there is a little bit of Pluto. His energy is the core of existence that continues to morph into new materializations. His message is that at the root of being, there is only one life.

 Now once you know that at the core you are an eternal spiritual being with magical powers, you really have nothing to worry about.

Scorpios have a passionate desire to beat death at its own game because then they feel they can overcome fear. What they struggle most of their lives to realize is that the sole antidote to fear is love. Not just to desire to incorporate the energy of another, but to love without even having to think about it.

 If you are lacking in love, the body you create and the journey you take will be one of deprivation. This is not obvious though. Some people with the greatest amount of material riches are among the most deprived and some who have little in material goods are among the most fulfilled.

Fulfillment is what Scorpio really wants. Comfort, so important to Scorpios opposite sign Taurus, is willingly sacrificed in Scorpio in exchange for a deeper sense of satisfaction.

In addition to being the sign of death and transformation, Scorpio is the sign most associated with sexuality. It is not that Scorpios are any sexier than the other signs, although they are compellingly magnetic because so much of their power is underground.

The reason that Scorpio is linked with sexuality is that the urge to merge is strongest in them. Scorpios can become so psychologically enmeshed with another person that they take on that soul’s karma. Of course, they do so because this is how they have chosen to learn about their own inner depths. They peer into another person’s soul, as their perception carries a laser like intensity that penetrates to the very core. Innately suspicious due to their concern that if they give what they have to give, the other person may not meet them; it may take them a long time for them to open up in a space of trust. Once they do, however, they have one hell of a time letting go. In Leo, loyalty is a virtue. In Scorpio, it is an obsession.

The challenge then is in overcoming the power of emotion and become freer. When it is time to release a relationship that is no longer serving them, Scorpios must kill their desire or else that desire could eventually be the death of them. They have a toxic inclination to control and have power over all they desire. At the same time, they remain vigilant in making sure that no one overpowers them. They are extremely kind and generous to those they care about but they are resentful to those who they feel have betrayed them or are a threat to them in some way. The saying, ‘do not get mad, get even’ must have originated with a Scorpio.

Regardless of how a relationship evolves, Scorpios are never to believe that their experience is anything but subjective. What they have brought out in another is teaching them about themselves. Away from the presence of the Scorpion, the other individual might project something completely different. Scorpio’s participation in a relationship is assisting in evoking the energy the other person is transmitting to them. This is where the transformation takes place as Scorpio realizes everything they experience is a projection of the total universe that lives within them. There is nothing ‘out there’ that is not inside them as well. Ultimately, that is the lesson they are here to teach to the rest of us.

To truly grasp the mystery of life and death, a soul must journey into the underworld, the natural habitat of Pluto, and must pass through the five stages symbolized by the sign of Scorpio.

 In the stage of the Scorpion, the soul is entrenched in a conscious struggle for survival and the pressure, much of the time, is close to unbearable. The Scorpion must fight for the right to live and be ready to strike at any perceived threat. Armed with a power to destroy itself with its own body, if the Scorpion senses it is at the mercy of another; it succumbs to suicide. It has been endowed by nature with the power to sting to the death and its resentment towards any other life form presumptuous enough to disturb it is going to cause the Scorpion to use that power–either on its imagined enemy or, if the enemy appears stronger, on itself.

In the stage of the Serpent, the soul sheds the old skin, used in the past for protection, that is now no longer necessary. For in the shedding of skin, the serpent taps into an inner wisdom and grows to realize that fear is the magnet for life-threatening experience. To shed one’s skin is a symbol of letting go of fear and moving into a space of love, a vibrational space so high that fear cannot penetrate it.

In the stage of the Eagle, the soul soars to lofty heights filled with a passionate commitment to master the spirit of gravity. No longer content to crawl in the dust, as it did when it was in the Serpent stage, the soul experiences the divine light flooding every cell of the body, illuminating every thought generated by the mind and enlightening every impulse coming from the heart. The eagle flies higher and higher until the light becomes too bright and the heat too intense to bear and the soul burns out and dies from an overkill of sensory indulgence.

In the stage of the Phoenix, the soul is magically and miraculously resurrected, rising from its own dead ashes. The track the soul has journeyed upon to see, feel and taste the full spectrum of what is humanly possible to experience has now been distilled down and reduced to a path of more manageable proportions. The phoenix is a symbol of self-redemption. It is the threshold stage leading to a life of service as a compassionate healer who sees into the heart of every living thing and knows exactly what needs to take place.

In the final stage of the Dove, the soul has mastered its own ego-driven desire for victory over others and no longer uses its powers of perception to engulf and devour. Instead, the soul who has entered the stage of the Dove has built up an invincible inner strength that can extract the pain from all those who come for healing, transforming darkness into light, anxiety into calm and bitterness into acceptance.

When the soul has reached the stage of the Dove, the mystery of life and death is revealed. No longer is there any desire to be consumed by self-importance for the Dove is at peace with the way things are, no matter how they are.

No longer is there any fear of one’s ability to survive for the secret of survival has been found. As the soul learns to let go and discover joy in the magic of every moment of existence, the ability to materialize whatever is needed for all eternity, as it is needed, is a power given to that soul, a power that nothing in the physical world could ever offer, nor ever take away.

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