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The sense of ‘It’

If Virgo could talk, what it would say? “Little things mean a lot to me. My world is at its best when it is in total order, not a hair out of place. I expect to find everything exactly where and how I left it. I usually let others get started on a project while I observe. That way I can tell them what they are doing wrong. I can drive everyone around me to distraction with my quibbling over details. I’m neat as a pin and intricate as a microchip-the pinnacle of propriety. I carry out my duties with discretion, all the while knowing that I’m practically irreplaceable. I aim to be useful and productive and live a natural and wholesome life. I can’t figure out why is everything around me is in such a mess. I guess I’ll have to clean it up all by myself.”

Color: Beige

Motto: “Get It Right”

Object: An eyedropper

Activity: Straightening out the files

Style: Analytical, selective, and competent

Ancient symbol: The Virgin Maiden

Mode/Element: Mutable Earth (Flexible practicality)

Anatomical part: The Gastro-Intestinal System (Dividing the whole into something more physically manageable)

Famous Personalities: Mother Teresa, Elizabeth I, Werner Erhard,

Leonard Bernstein, and Lily Tomlin

Places in the World: Switzerland, Malaysia, Costa Rica, and Boston

It has been said that more people are born on this earth at this time of year than any other. That makes a lot of sense because Virgos are here to serve the earth and keep it functioning in good working order. They are endowed with a finite consciousness and their mental process involves noticing every detail and every flaw.

Virgo consciousness focuses on keeping the physical world operating at its peak. Those individuals whose charts emphasize this energy may not always do something about the mess that other people make; however, their discerning manner of observation takes every mistake into account.

It is not always easy to be born under this sign because Virgo is extremely conscious of imperfection in a world that is far from perfect. Then again, if the world were perfect, there would be nothing to play with and nothing to do.

On a personal and social level, most Virgo people are easy to be with-they are unassuming and appropriate to the occasion. They demonstrate purity in their self-expression. Even Virgo super-achievers are usually modest about their abilities, although they can exhibit conceit if they think they have executed an assignment that matches their concept of perfection. Their extremely analytical mind, however, makes them nitpickers and they are rarely content with the results they create. After finishing a job, the next day they may want to go back to the drawing board and do it all over again.

Virgo people are willing to go over an assignment to a point of tedium that would leave the other signs with a splitting headache. They perceive every flaw and every incongruity and treat the tiniest miscalculation as if it were a major blunder. Making mountains out of molehills is their specialty while larger issues hardly faze them in the least. While they do not dismiss the possibility of a world beyond the one their five senses report to them, they prefer not to give the major part of their attention to a reality that has a non-discernable basis. Thus, Virgo is the most skeptical of signs and when you speak to them, it is best to stay on solid ground and apply a frame of reference that is obvious.

If you exhibit any sign of bravado in the presence of Virgo, they want to ignore you, for audacious boasting is the last thing they support. While their neighbor, Leo, wants to be larger than life, and their complementary opposite, Pisces, wants to blow everything up as far as it can go, Virgo wants to make things smaller because then they are easiest to grasp. Virgo wants to hold the universe in the palm of its hand. As Mother Teresa, who was born with Virgo as her sun sign said, “Do not try to do great things. Do small things with great love.

"If we consider a soul who has come here in service and who gives total attention to every defect so that the world does not completely fall apart, then it becomes clear that work is love made visible. Laboring for long hours to keep a small corner of the universe working properly is as much an act of love as anything else. Yes, it is true that Virgo’s penchant for analyzing something down to the bare bones can squeeze the heart out of a creative endeavor. On the other hand, too much heart when left unchecked by the mind’s capacity for pruning can create excess that is hard to swallow. Virgo is the editor of the material world’s passing parade, accounting for every nut and bolt and scrubbing clean every nook and cranny to make sure that the situation at hand does not get out of hand. It is a thankless job but Virgo’s secret is that they feel best about themselves once they complete it.

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