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What we offer...

Kokua is a Hawaiian word meaning "help", "aid" or "assistance". It embodies the spirit of lending a hand or offering support to others in need of it. Discover peace of mind with our personalized, all-inclusive care embodying the spirit of kokua- offering support every step of the way.  Being a full service business ensures we do all the work so you can relax. We have additional options not shown below. Contact for pricing.

Eco-friendly Urn and Products

Embrace sustainability and support the environment with our eco-friendly offerings. Handcrafted in Hawai'i using natural materials sourced from the land, our products not only showcase the beauty of the islands but also promote responsible stewardship of our planet.

Air, Land or Sea Scatters

Scattering cremains by plane is a serene tribute as the "makani" or wind carries them across the island's breathtaking vistas. Whether unattended or accompanied by family, it's a profound way to honor the departed amidst Maui's natural beauty. 

Setting sail from a larger vessel off Maui's coast offers a peaceful goodbye amidst the gentle waves, allowing for a heartfelt connection with the island's serene beauty as loved ones say their farewells. 

Musician / Entertainment

Having an ukulele player, singer or any type of musician adds a touch of melody and ambiance to the ceremony, enriching the emotional experience for all present. Entertainment can also help create a sense of comfort and connection, easing any tension and fostering a more relaxed atmosphere during the event. 

Live Florals for Keep or Wear

Our floral offerings are imbued with symbolism and tradition, perfect for honoring life's significant moments. Rose petals, delicately scattered during an ash scattering ceremony, symbolize love, remembrance, and the eternal cycle of life. Additionally, standing flower sprays and wreaths serve as poignant tributes, whether displayed on a stand or affixed to a boat during a ceremony, they offer a beautiful expression of love and farewell.

Minister or Kahu Ceremonialist

A kahu or minister brings a comforting presence and spiritual guidance to the ceremony, offering solace and support to those in attendance. Ceremony is nondenominational and done in local Hawaiian tradition unless otherwise requested. 

Photography / Videography

A photographer or videographer captures the essence of the ceremony, preserving precious memories that can be cherished and revisited and is crucial for unattended scatterings. Their role not only documents but also validates the significance of the event, ensuring it's honored and remembered. 

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