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The sense of 'All of Us'

If Pisces could talk, what it would say? “I believe in the power of imagination. I accept the strange and the weird things in life as perfectly normal. I identify with everyone I meet and can barely see where I leave off and they begin. My boundaries have no boundaries. I am in touch with the world but out of your reach. Some say I make little sense. That shows how little they know. I really love you and that is how I manage to survive the dreary parts of my life. What makes my life matter is when I make it easier for you to get through them too.”

Color: All the colors of the rainbow

Motto: Let It Be

Object: A magic wand

Activity: Participating in an underwater treasure hunt

Style: Imaginative, compassionate, and understanding

Ancient symbol: Two Fishes Bound Together

Mode/Element: Mutable Water (Flexible emotionality)

Anatomical part: The feet (Connecting all the body’s meridians)

Famous Personalities (real and fictional): Albert Einstein, Rudolph Nureyev, Cinderella, Elizabeth Taylor and Edgar Cayce

Places in the World: Portugal, Morocco, the Netherlands, and Victoria (British Columbia)

For all their grasp of the truth, which is essentially an account of the current physical condition of the world, Aquarians are but the penultimate sign. There is one more step to take before the zodiac arrives at its ultimate destination. Of course, the lessons of the signs will be repeated ad infinitum, as the zodiac spirals in space through eternity. The denouement of the astrological story, however, occurs with Pisces, who wraps up the cosmic chronicle by uncovering its ultimate message.

Despite the cynicism that seems to be prevailing in these troubled times we live in, there is an essential meaning to life on earth, hinted at in the section on Sagittarius, which is repeated here: Sagittarians want to rise above their animal nature and ascend to a higher plane of existence. Many metaphysicians believe that Planet Earth exists for this very purpose.

It is Pisces that brings this message to the masses, which is why the quintessential Piscean, Jesus, looms so large in the consciousness of the human race, even within the non Christian world. The forecast for Pisces that ran last September on this website sheds some light upon this matter.

Did you know that Jesus, born Yeshua,was a Pisces? He came into this world as the ewes were giving birth to the lambs in the month of March. The early Christians had a fish (Pisces’ traditional symbol) tattooed on their palm that identified them as a member of the new tribe. This tribe had faith that the world could be redeemed by embracing a love that knows neither discrimination nor separation. Still, they had to hide the fact of their meetings and celebrate the birth of their master teacher in conjunction with the Roman holiday, Saturnalia, which naturally fell at the end of the year.

All Pisceans want to be saviors because their porous energy fields experience all the pain of the world. Their amazing ability to channel the consciousness of the higher realms facilitates a co-creative fusion with divine love. It is sad indeed when they substitute this great gift and cater instead to popular taste.

Pisceans possess extreme sensitivity. Their deep, empathetic nature enables them to open up and experience the energy of all that surrounds them. They pick up on people’s thoughts and feelings because they are able to cross the boundary line that separates them from others and thus they reach ‘God realization’. It is for this reason that any soul is willing to take on such a complex and confusing journey, pretending they are merely another dot on the cosmic map yet ultimately realizing that in essence they are all the dots.

Of course, much as they may pay lip service to a Christ-like existence, Pisceans are no different than most of us. They consider the thought of going naked in the world with just one’s faith in an invisible higher power for support, as something only a lunatic would do. They revere the symbol of Christ in the abstract, yet in everyday reality, they fear the path he walked and the steps he took.

The Christ consciousness is rejected by the fearful ego-mind that cannot extricate itself from its reptilian survivalist mentality. The result is that life is lived out as a contest between egocentric individuals seeking fame and fortune to validate a sense of superiority. It becomes the opposite of its heavenly origins.

As they are so in touch with the invisible world, there is nothing the Piscean fears more than the thought that they will lose their grip on the visible one. This fear is magnified by the fact that often that is just what they want to do. There is not one but two fish and Pisceans are even more ambivalent than Gemini, more dichotomous than Libra and more paradoxical than Aquarius. One pole of their consciousness wants to live forever. The other pole is seeking a reality more fluid and more ethereal; motivating that poor fish to feel it is out of water and not wanting to stay on earth one more day.

What most Pisceans resist coming to terms with is that reality can become the dream their soul is longing for, if only they would let go of their attachment to the ego. They want to believe this, yet most of the time they act in ways that move them in the opposite direction, although they are seldom happy when they do.

The sign of Pisces symbolizes a path toward ego-transcendence. Still, many Pisceans have monumental egos because their consciousness is so vast. There is little (if anything) they do not understand or cannot express. They can channel energy and information that is perfect for the time and place and thus deceive themselves into believing that they have no limits, however, they still have a physical body that limits them from overstepping their boundaries and becoming invasive. Pisceans would be wise to continue bearing in mind that in the game of life, other people are other people. In this way, they will stop imposing their truth when their advice is unsolicited.

The saving grace of Pisceans is their deep desire to offer compassionate service to all those who ask for it. They know that unless they do, they will be swamped with guilt and not love themselves any more.

While their complementary opposite, Virgo, is here to serve the earth, Pisces is here to serve a world beyond this one and beyond the capacity of the five physical senses to perceive. The exquisitely delicate nature of the Piscean is able to absorb the full spectrum of heavenly light, which informs them that God is immanent and that the divine essence within wants all of us to love one another.

It is not difficult for us to love. What is hard is for us to hate. The darkness that is so prevalent on this earth is what has grounded us, so that we could learn our lessons. Only now, the darkness is about to withdraw and the light will take the human race into a whole new dimension of energy where it will become much safer to begin dissolving our boundaries.

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