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Leo is ruled by the Sun


The sense of ‘I for You’

If Leo could talk, what would it say? “I want to make my life a magnificent creation and see others light up in my presence. I exude a sense of dignity. I value my pride deeply and I feel I deserve the best. I am the center of the cyclone, the pivotal focus of everything I do. Do not be intimidated by me though–I’m really putting on a show. I’m an ace performer who makes something wonderful out of being alive and that is why others appreciate me so.”

Color: Yellow

Motto: “Show It Off”

Object: Gold

Activity: Taking center stage

Style: Generous, confident, and dramatic

Ancient symbol: The Lion

Mode/Element: Fixed Fire (Steady creativity)

Anatomical part: The Heart (At the center of it all)

Famous Personalities: Napoleon Bonaparte, Barak Obama,

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Madonna and Lawrence of Arabia

Places in the World: Singapore, France, Hawaii, and Rome

In the sequential development of the zodiac, each new sign that is introduced both includes the consciousness of the predecessor, while at the same time, it reacts against the predecessor. This is what keeps the astrological wheel in motion.

Cancer’s deeply-rooted ability to plummet the depths of its psyche gives rise to the intense self-awareness of Leo and Leo, in turn, reacts against its predecessor’s homebody tendencies with a tremendous desire to impress its signature upon the world.

Personal identity reaches its apotheosis in this sign, but is Leo the bravest and most powerful sign in the land? It is the same thing as asking if the lion is the king of the jungle. Not really, for due to its size, every creature in the forest makes way for the elephant. Still, the Lion both looks like the king and acts like the king (or the queen.) It projects the image of the ruler, even if it is merely a performance.

The astrological Leos are mostly too intent on having a good time to be fierce–they much prefer to party; however, they do know all about self dramatization. If you demand that they blow up at you, they will do so with theatrical flair and it is down to the dungeon and off with your head. No sign gives itself as much permission to indulge in a sense of superiority if ever it is challenged.

On the other hand, no sign is as generous or as loyal as this one. When Leos love you, they will give and give and then give some more, as long as you keep loving them back. When they decide you are no longer worth their time or you do not show your adoration sufficiently, their nose goes up in the air and you are excommunicated from Planet Leo. Perhaps in another life, these souls were coerced into a subordinate role. Now they return to settle the score and to make sure that they are the ones in charge and ‘don’t you forget it’.

Lions travel in prides and pride is Leo’s trademark. Assault their dignity and they will roar. Flatter them and they will find a place for you in their life, regardless of how crowded their life may be. No sign craves admiration more than Leo. They do not just walk into a room; they make an entrance. When they have something to say, they draw attention to themselves just by the way they put their ideas across. Leos seldom follow the crowd; rather they stand out within it. No matter what their work in the world is, all Leos are in the entertainment business.

Leos have learned from the previous sign how to play the role of the authoritative parent. They can easily transfer this bossy image over to the workplace and become a commanding presence that loves telling everyone just what they need to do. They, on the other hand, bow to no one. Dominant and monopolizing are two words that describe the Leo personality, though naturally most Leos attempt to keep their overbearing sense of identity in check. It is only when they become consumed by their own importance that the notorious leonine ego loses its sense of proportion.

Leos want so much to be an important presence in the world. If they come even close to fulfilling that wish, they give it all back tenfold. The sign of Leo represents the human heart and the warmth that exudes from every pore of individuals whose charts emphasize this sign can turn a lackluster reality into a celebration of life. It is hard not to appreciate Leo because no one works as hard to earn appreciation. You will rarely be shortchanged in a relationship with them. When their heart is in what they do, they will keep doing it until they drop. If they lose interest, however, they will sooner drop what they are doing and then look for something else that is a lot more appealing. Leos do not settle for less nor do they slide into resignation. They must shout from the rooftops what is in their hearts in long, declarative sentences. They are living embodiments of the best and the worst elements of the human ego. Still, they have the choice of either showing what a wonderful tool the ego is in rising above mediocrity or what an impediment it can be in expressing one’s humanity.

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