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Client Testimonials

A year and a half ago I met Brenda through a teacher of mine. She took our group on an amazing journey, physically to a sacred space and mentally to a place that needed healing. That experience has helped me on my way to finding the path I am to follow. It cleansed things from the past and helped shape the future. I have thought of that experience dozens of times and have contacted Brenda a couple of times since for input and clarification on different matters. She has been spot on with her readings. Brenda is in amazing woman and has many wonderful talents and abilities. I look forward to seeing her again the next time I can get to Maui. Aloha my favorite Shaman, till we meet again -Vickie Brown, Alaska 

I have gone to Brenda twice for readings that have popped up randomly on the iPod in my car. Both readings were epic in their own right and one specifically dealt with my desire to leave the planet. Although it was rough on both of us we formulated an exit plan that allowed me to put my affairs in order and give me the option to stay or leave based on my desires. Obviously I made the decision to stay but it was great to have the option and know it would have been an easy transition had I chosen to go. Nobody else I have dealt with in this capacity has treated me with such care and understanding. -Bonnie Jean Blackmore

Brenda has been amazing. She not only supports my personal life she provides tremendous clarity and support for the business side of my life. Clear, concise, and to the point insight that I found to be extremely helpful. If you want to increase your productivity while minimizing your time investment I highly recommend you call Brenda -Kevin Maui

"I called for Brenda's help during a particularly stressful time in my life. I had to make a drastic decision or risk my health worsening due to stresses at work. During a reading, she gave me important insights that lead me to a complete location and job change which has changed my and my whole family's, life for the better. She also helped my mother as she was dying. She provided closure for her with past life journeying and even connecting with others' higher selves so that my mom could say what she needed to say before leaving this body. I believe Brenda's loving and soothing presence helped to give my mom peace and enable her to die without fear or regrets. It was an incredible blessing to have her there in my mom's final hours in such a peaceful and loving way. “-JM, Washington

I just wanted to thank you for facilitating such an amazing journey! What struck me as fascinating was those people that I was in congress with on my journey with your guidance in the universal ether either reached out to me within 24 hours or at the very least a message was sent based on the conversation we had individually. The hair on the back of my neck still stands up when I think about it. I liked that I connect with my higher self while communicating with the higher selves of the ones I chose to be in a contract with in this life. After I left you, I had an enormous amount of inner peace for several days and had a much deeper feeling of connectedness and divine love. Any time you can tap into a universal consciousness with a guide you can trust than sign me up! Someone asked me what it was like and it reminded me of the movie Empire Strikes Back where Luke asks Yoda what’s in the cave? Yoda replies "Only what you take with you". That's exactly it! Mahalo Brenda! -Steve P, Maui

Brenda is absolutely amazing and I recommend her to anyone looking to be married on Maui. She was, very importantly, EXTREMELY accommodating and found time to give us our beautiful marriage on the beach and at sunset to boot! Her soul is inspiring and full of love and her services are kupaianaha, meaning amazing. You will be blessed when you choose her as your wedding officiant. -Bonni Holdorf

Brenda helped me to clear a much needed blockage and release fear that was holding me back from a loving relationship. I appreciate her work so much - life changing! - Katherine, Tacoma WA

Brenda, absolutely authentic and compassionately present helped me embrace a group of wise advisors I use on a daily basis. At the time of the reading I felt nothing much happened I did not go into a deep trance or see my life's purpose but as time went on my life has unfolded to be more truly loving towards myself and all I interact with. I have time and presence to enjoy all aspects of life. Her reading helped unfold my heart. She is gifted and generous, consecrating and celebrating the mundane as well as the transcendent aspects of life. Donna Keyser, Twisp, WA

You have helped me have closure with the death of my ex-husband Ivorie. We didn't have the greatest relationship and talking to you and to him through you helped answer so many questions! I have been able to accept what is and know that this is how it was all supposed to happen. It also helped me to not feel guilty for moving on with my life. You have also helped with my current relationship and I am very thankful for that! - Alexa K., Las Vegas

"Brenda has been a good friend and advisor for probably eight years now and has given me valuable help in decision making and much comfort at times. Her seeing is clear and loving and I have felt supported and enlightened. I have also gifted my children with readings they have found to be helpful. I recommend Brenda's services for anyone seeking clear and loving guidance." -Cheryl Wrangle

I rented out a room on the first floor of my house. Since the reading, 4 times-starting the next day at an exact spot, I smelled my mom’s perfume just like in the reading. It’s in the center of the living room in my house. My renter, while sitting in the same exact spot, said she smelled flowers that were very rich in smell. This happened 2 times in a minute. I can’t make this up. –Stephen, Laguna Beach

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