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My family origin is Nicaraguan / Costa Rican with me being first generation born in America; and as far back as I can remember, there were family stories of someone with some wonderfully inexplicable event that sounded magical in its own way. I can remember being a little girl outside playing and being at one with nature. I talked with all the animals, looked for fairies, and felt most at peace while in the woods across the street from our house. It wasn't until I went to school that I discovered not everyone talks to the animals and understood what they were saying back.

As a teenager I started going to church but I was always in search of deeper answers to my never ending questions. I was always open to explanations of others, carefully processing them with my own discernment. My family had aunts and cousins who would talk about dreams they had, how they came true, in addition to symbolisms and having this sense of knowing things before they happened. I always viewed this as normal and never thought a thing about it... 'til I left home.

I didn't want to offend my family as they were happy with their beliefs so I started deeper learning any chance I could from behind the scenes. There was a used bookstore in town and I made every effort to go there and in the 80's not much was readily available on the topic of Metaphysics, so I began with Astrology. Later I found larger bookstores, read every book I could get my hands on and the rest is history, still being written today.

This is how the journey on my path began.

 Read, open your mind, let go of your fears, heal and educate yourself.

Spread the love and peace.  

My Life's Work

It is my goal to assist you in finding the clarity you need. I take this very serious and am honored and blessed to be included in your journey.

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