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The sense of ‘You and I’

If Libra could talk, what it would say? “I am the one who restores the balance when things spin out of control. I seldom initiate activity although I like to come up with proposals. Before taking any action, I first wait to see what you are going to do. Then I gently persuade you to do what I want instead. If I make you angry, I’ll turn on my charm and you’ll like me all over again.”‘I cannot tolerate what I perceive as injustice. If I think your actions demand it, I can become argumentative and a challenging adversary. I am assertive in relationships because I cannot let the rules we have agreed upon be ignored and forgotten. Nevertheless, I truly am a

peaceful person. I much prefer to remain cool, calm and collected. Still, I like to keep my options open and if our alliance falls apart, I can walk away undaunted by defeat. Our interplay has to match my concept of fair play or else we will never do this dance again.”

Color: Green

Motto: “Win Agreement”

Object: A contract

Activity: Dancing with a partner

Style: Social, moderate, and fair

Ancient symbol: The Scales

Mode/Element: Cardinal Air (Urgent mentality)

Anatomical part: The Kidneys (Purifiers of the body, as relationships are the purifiers of the ego)

Famous Personalities: Ghandi, John Lennon, Dwight Eisenhower, Deepak Chopra and Julie Andrews

Places in the World: China, Austria, Fiji, and Tibet

Libra comes into play on the first day of autumn in the northern hemisphere. Many believe this is the most beautiful time of the year in that region of the earth, when the air is crisp and clear and nature is dressed in resplendent colors, so rich and vivid they inspire a deeper appreciation for all the good things in life. Libra represents nature in the balance when days and nights are equal, when warm and cold are concurrent and when the general population starts moving indoors to approach its affairs with a more serious frame of mind after a season of sun and fun.

Initially, Librans may appear superficial. They put a lot of emphasis on how they look and the first impression they make and they are masters at making a successful first impression. They usually adhere to social niceties and correct rules of protocol. They know how to say all the ‘appropriate things’. They are politeness personified.

As you become more familiar with the Libra personality, you realize you are in for a surprise. No matter what you dole out to them, they will meet you every step of the way. Librans are very intelligent people as a rule because they have paid attention to what passes for reality and they have done their homework. They stay well informed.

Libra is represented by the image of the scales, the only inanimate symbol in the zodiac. The connotation of this suggests that Librans are not physically active people. They certainly can be, however, they prefer graceful rather than hard hitting action. Their gait is a kind of a dance for Librans have poise. They seldom rush in without hesitation but prefer to wait and see which way the wind is blowing and then decide what move to make. When discord erupts, they placate, they cajole and they resolve differences if they can. They also lay down the law when necessary and remind everyone to play by the rules and honor the agreements that have been established.

The scales, of course, represent justice. Most often, Librans do not start out with a point-of-view; instead, they wait to hear what you have to say and then they frequently take the opposite side. It is a kind of a game that they play, although they may be dead serious about it. They are the arbiters of society, here on earth to negotiate, mediate and conciliate and to bring all things into balance, so that life does not go out of control.

 To Libra, equality is a crucial component of a fair minded society. If you are puffed up, Libra wants to deflate your energy; if you are already deflated, Libra wants to pump you up again. There is nothing personal about this attitude; it is merely Libra’s way of maintaining equilibrium so that peace and harmony prevail and each member of society feels just as important as the next person.

Librans must have peace. They are social creatures, however, they will become hermits if that is the only way they can avert friction. They hold themselves partially responsible when hard feelings spoil a friendship or a long term association. They are deeply hurt when someone they trusted turns against them, especially if it is a person they particularly valued. At the same time, no sign is as capable of walking away from a relationship where they feel they have been disrespected. Often the Libra personality will enter the legal field, the field of public relations or the diplomatic service where they can work out their relationship issues in a more formal way. Librans prefer to know the ground rules from the start. If they agree to adhere to them, they expect that everyone else in the game will follow suit. How disappointed they become when this is not the case.

Charming and usually aesthetically pleasing to look at, Librans can turn into a force to be reckoned with when their sense of justice is violated. Beneath the surface charm is some degree of suppressed anger for all the foolishness they have put up with, as often in the past they have chosen to grin and bear it rather than resort to inappropriate displays of effusive emotion. As they mature, however, they are less willing to endure another person’s bad manners. Librans aspire to be the epitome of the imperturbable personality who puts everyone at ease–a good will ambassador who tells people just what they want to hear. If you push them into their angry mode, however, they will tell you the truth and that you will not want to hear because Libra knows more about you than they do about themselves. No one can tear you and your ideas down as effectively as a Libran, so it is best not to yank their chain too much or the scales will tip in the other direction. You ask, ‘how could someone who seemed so sweet one moment be so argumentative and acerbic the next.’ Just remember you are dealing with the balancing agent of the zodiac whose job here on earth is to keep everyone and everything on an even keel-running smoothly at a moderate pace and well within the bounds of reason.

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