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The sense of ‘Each of Us’

If Aquarius could talk, what it would say? “I’m eccentric. My energy is electric. I operate on high frequencies so it is hard to keep up with me. I’m willing to experiment and I respect the right of others to do the same. No fences exist around my mind. I’m a free spirit, making up the rules as I go along. I’m a great friend as well. In some uncanny way, I recognize each new person I am talking to, as if I have known them all my life. Everyone I meet allows me to recognize another part of myself. To maintain my own identity, I can come across with a detached and impersonal air, though I

always want to remember to be loving and respectful."“I excel at participating in groups, yet I remain my own person. I say one thing one day and another the next. I want to be impartial and treat everyone’s ideas on an equal basis. I’m totally open to everything you tell me and it’s not going to make any changes in my life. Chances are, I already knew it before you came along.”

Color: Purple

Motto: “Change the World”

Object: A light bulb

Activity: Surfing the net

Style: Humane, objective, and innovative

Ancient symbol: The Light Bearer

Mode/Element: Fixed Air (Steady mentality)

Anatomical part: The circulation system and the ankles (Distributing blood to the rest of the body)

Famous Personalities: Thomas Edison, Franklin D. Roosevelt, James Dean, Abraham Lincoln and Oprah Winfrey

Places in the World: Russia, Sweden, Nepal and Boulder (Colorado)

As the preceding sign Capricorn represents the pinnacle of material achievement, the sign that follows, Aquarius, obviously takes the zodiac in an entirely new direction.

Aquarians are born to update the current structure and change the rules if necessary, bringing information to the public that was once reserved for the privileged few.

Sometimes an earth-shattering event must first occur before a truly democratic system can come into being. Aquarius rebels against a system where the few rule the many within a totalitarian regime. This is the sign that cries out for a revolution in thinking.

Russia is an Aquarian country. It attempted, and ultimately failed, to create an economically egalitarian society. In theory, the Communist philosophy appealed to the masses. In practice, the masses could not pull it off. It has often been said that if all the wealth of the world were redistributed, in a decade or two it would revert back to where it was before. Not everyone is equally ambitious, equally talented, equally intelligent or equally responsible.

Aquarius’ aim is to conceive of a system where every individual has access to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but. Thus, those born under this sign are truth seekers and truth tellers who want to know what is going on, regardless of how unsavory the truth may be. Not only that, but because Aquarians are mindful of the greater good, they expect everyone on earth to want the same thing. This is a miscalculation, for when confronted with unpleasantness and presented with facts they find undesirable, many people sink into denial. They only hear what they want to hear and believe what they want to believe. As they confront such individuals, Aquarians back down and back off.

The Aquarius personality respects the right of others to make their own choices, regardless of what they think of the choices they make. Still, the Aquarian never ceases getting the word out and trusting that one day soon the world will wake up and put an end to deception, corruption and exploitation by those who are running the show. Aquarian consciousness thinks globally and idealistically. The brand of idealism it adopts, however, is not the ‘pie in the sky’ optimism of Sagittarius. The zodiac has been through Capricorn since then, and so Aquarius faces reality. Their ideal is that one day the truth wills itself out.

As long as the masses are willing to hear it, the truth does. That, however, is a big if.

The planet said to be at home in this sign and thus its ruler is Uranus, the symbol of revolutionary change. In astrology, the outer planets are higher frequency versions of the inner ones–their concern is with collective evolution rather than personal development. Saturn, the frosty old taskmaster, however, is a co-ruler and the one that keeps the revolutionary mind of Aquarians from going off the rails.

The big picture perspective that human beings have adopted is the creation of a cosmic information factory that generates the content, which human consciousness then channels into everyday reality. Uranus represents an awakening energy leading to the dissemination of information that makes the public increasingly aware that reality is really stranger than fiction. Uranus precipitates a modification in mass thinking that builds slowly yet emerges suddenly. Once the spreading of truth throughout the land reaches critical mass, people learn that the real story of what has been going on is so shockingly outrageous and despicably contemptible that the only recourse is to usurp the power from the powers that be and start afresh. Uranus operates like a bolt of lightening; stirring the masses to a fever pitch and forcing a confrontation with the ruling class.

Many astrologers believe that humans discover the physical reality of a planet’s existence when their consciousness is able to grasp its spiritual implication. Uranus was discovered in the sky in the late Eighteenth Century, around the time of the American and French Revolutions.

In ordinary times, Aquarians often do not know what to do with themselves. They are town criers, but no one is really listening. In interesting times, Aquarians reinvent themselves. Unlike their complementary opposite sign, Leo, who is egocentric; Aquarians are eccentric. They recognize the truth when they hear it, primarily because the truth is what they want, no matter how hard it is to come to terms with it. They are sufficiently aloof to be able to listen to anything.

Aquarians like to see themselves as a cell in a great big body rather than as an independent star desiring to outshine all the other stars. They want everyone, not just themselves, to be strong and decisive and they will go out of their way to assist people because they feel connected to the human family. They do not want to be exclusive and thus over-identify with any single person but they do want to be a beacon of light and a brother or sister to all persons. To maintain their humanitarian approach to life requires a degree of detachment and staying clear of personal entanglements. Still no sign is as valuable in organizing and participating in a group endeavor, nor more egalitarian in their interaction with every group member than an Aquarian, especially when the group has gathered for a cause that furthers human progress.

Aquarians want to bring a better world into being and see each person walk the talk. Their consciousness is ahead of the time and they seldom feel completely at home on the earth, yet as long as they live they continue to stand for the principles of liberty, equality and fraternity.

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