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The sense of ‘My’

If Taurus could talk, what would it say? "I walk on a steady path in life. I am solid and productive,the image of fortitude. I continue to build up my worth, while I remain the same down-to-earth person I have always been. I am someone the world can count on. I usually remain peaceful and calm regardless of how dangerous the situation becomes. I'm mastering the art of monotonous perseverance. When I finally blow my top, however, I go ballistic. I place value in things that endure. If I am not wealthy now, I am going to be. I know what matters to me and I am holding on to it for dear life. I do not see the sense of turning it over to anyone else."


Motto:"Make It Count"

Object:A gyroscope

Activity:Hammering a nail

Style:Stable, patient, and conservative

Ancient symbol: The Bull

Mode/Element:Fixed Earth(Steady practicality)

Anatomical part:The Neck and Throat(Gaining physical substance)

Famous Personalities:Queen Elizabeth II, Harry Truman, Barbra Streisand, Sigmund Freud and William Shakespeare

Places in the World: Israel, Ireland, Cyprus and St. Louis, Missouri

Taurus represents the fulfillment of all the activity set into motion by the previous sign, Aries. Aries is the seed and Taurus is the blooming flower.

In the human experience, Taurus embodies a love of nature and all of its bounty. Taurus individuals have an unequaled appreciation of the material world that makes it easy for them to be comfortable and content. That is in theory; however, in practice souls who are prominently endowed with this energy are here to learn how to experience peace of mind regardless of what is going on around them. They are here to calm down and roll with the punches and many of them find this difficult to do. Eventually though, they get there.

Attaining a state of calmness is much easier to do when one is self- employed and when there is no one in a superior position to answer to because in that case the pressure is primarily internal. When the pressure comes from the outside, and Taurus feels rushed, the normally placid nature of this sign is powerfully aroused. Taurus individuals trust that they can finish what they start and want to do so at their own pace in their own good time. They have incredible stamina and can endure the tedium of repetitive work that goes on indefinitely. They simply do not wish to be disturbed while they are enduring it. Do not provoke the bull and incur its wrath for hell has no fury like a raging bull.

Rage, however, is the last straw for Taurus. Normally, this sign is famous for its good-natured amiability. Taurus’ energy is synonymous with the energy of the planet Venus, the goddess of love. Taurus brings the goddess down to earth, so she can enjoy the fruits of nature.

Taureans can experience great pleasure in life; however, they are choosy about what they bring into their lives. They want quality and they demand the best. They are very definite about what matters to them and if something is not on their list of preferences, it might as well not even exist.

The bull is constant and committed. Taureans will work to the absolute limits of their capacity. When the job is done and some breathing space opens up, however, they can slow down to a point where you could not get them to budge unless you lit a fire under them—and maybe not even then. Sometimes they just do not want to do anything, go anywhere or participate in any activity except for lounging, bathing and dining.

Taurus is associated with the throat and it is hard for them to deny the pleasures in that part of the body. They love to eat good food and imbibe delicious beverages. They enjoy passive indulgences such as hanging out in the spa while dutiful attendants cater to their every whim. Taurus appreciates the finer things in life—beautiful works of music and art, a lovely home, gourmet cuisine and an enthusiastic lover with whom they can engage in amorous adventures. They usually have a mellifluous speaking and singing voice and abundant charm. So it is not too tough being a Taurus if you would not mind being what we would call an ordinary human being. Of course, ordinary, basic, good old reliable people are probably the happiest people in the world once they learn to be free of internal agitation.

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