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The sense of ‘I’

If Aries could talk, what would it say? “I’m the first one here and I’m ready for anything. My battery gets charged in a split second. I live in a perpetual whirlwind. I like starting new projects, sowing the seed while others reap the harvest.” “I go my own way at my own speed. My swaggering display of boldness is a facade that works in getting me what I want. I insist upon calling the shots. I do not want advice from anyone. I want love from everyone.” “I am honest to the point of being outspoken and genuine enough to get away with it. No matter what happens, I cannot lose. This is my life.”

Color: Red

Motto: “Make a Move”

Object: A seed

Activity: Lighting a match

Style: Self-sufficient, active, and spontaneous

Ancient symbol:The Ram

Mode/Element: Cardinal Fire (Urgent creativity)

Anatomical part:The Head (Aries is up first)

Famous Personalities: Houdini, Van Gogh, Bette Davis, CharlieChaplin, and Marlon Brando

Places in the World: Germany, England, Denmark and Thailand

If you play the board game of Monopoly, you begin at Go. Aries inhabits the space of Go on the game board of life. At its very best, Aries represents the resiliency of an unconquerable spirit, an irresistible force of nature that allows neither interference nor intervention. Aries is gifted with a consciousness that is utterly centered in its own light, so it is less subject to influence than any other sign. When an Aries individual hears something it disagrees with, it asserts its truth forcefully. Aries individuals seldom take anything lying down. They stand up for what they believe in and for their rightful place in the scheme of things.

Sun in Aries people will always be free inside no matter what they undergo on the outside. They know they are among God’s beloved creatures and they insist on being treated accordingly.

In the sequential development of the Zodiac, Aries marks the beginning of a new cycle. Metaphysically, this sign symbolizes the separation from unity and the creation of the human ego. Adam, symbolically the very first human on earth, is an embodiment of Aries energy. Adam and his partner Eve, the embodiment of the next sign Taurus, represent the time of transition from animal consciousness to human consciousness when, for the first time, the Divine entered material form and the essence we call God became our essence.

In a sense, Aries is the ego. Those who have Aries as their star (sun) sign have come here to be an original, one-of-a-kind individual, unlike anyone who has come before and like no other that will ever be again.

In the book, ‚The Great Love, We Came Here as Teachers of Love and Got Enrolled in the School of Fear‛, the Aries character is Bud. Bud learns to transform his energies through his encounter with Master Wiseheart (actually a higher frequency extension of his own consciousness.)

Bud transitions from pure egotism, where everything has to go his way, to authenticity, where everything is already just as it ought to be. He turns his life over to the creative living process and trusts that his co-creative participation in life is telling him what will serve his evolutionary growth at all times. He goes beyond the influence of the earth that is trying to sell him a program other than his own and instead remains true to his experience and to what is in his heart. No other sign is as genuine as Aries—Aries people have great self love and make no apologies about the way they are.

Egotism is very powerful in this sign—it is as if there is only Aries and what Aries thinks and feels and believes and that must be the truth. There are, however, eleven signs that follow, each with lessons that open up the portals of human perception and make them increasingly panoramic. Aries is powerful in its truth; however, it is not an all inclusive truth. Of course in a chart, individuals who have the Sun in Aries may have other components that enable them to continually stretch their parameters. Still, they remain faithful to their own independent vision of the way things are because that is what they are here to experience.

The zodiac is a continuum. After each sign has made its contribution, the wheel of life comes full circle and returns to the part of the sky that represents the energy we identify as Aries. Just as the spring rain brings the promise that something fresh and even more wonderful can materialize in the natural world, life is invigorated when Aries is prevailing once again.

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