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Spiritual Awakening YOUniversity

Classes in Spiritual Personal Development

Awaken and develop your innate natural born gifts and abilities and ultimately create the kind of life you have always dreamed of.  No matter what you may believe or have been taught, you possess a secret power that is just waiting for you to recognize and harness- your natural psychic or intuitive sense.  

This unique course in Spiritual Personal Development offers in-depth and concise techniques that can be used every day to solve problems, energetically shield yourself from harm and negativity, contact your spirit guides, attain superior intuitive skills, boost your energy and possibly even reserve that perfect parking space in advance.

There are four main sections to this course with classes under each section. These are introductory level courses packed with info. 

$300/course .Ask about SCHOLARSHIPS** 

Call or text 214-477-7577 or email to schedule or for more information.

Section 1 : Self Discovery : Who Am I?

Section 2: Self Awareness: Oh, it's me!

Section 3:  Self Realization: What can I do about it?

Section 4: Self Mastery: How can I affect the world with it?

This part of the course is for advanced students and only offered as a mentorship after graduating. Check back often for more. 

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